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How Does Prosal Work?

Prosal is a business development secret weapon for agencies and consultants - we connect businesses like yours to high-quality RFPs personally vetted by our team. Our accounts start at free, which gives you access to about 60% of the RFPs on the platform. Our premium account gives you access to the other 40% of RFPs with vetted budgets and information for better proposals, starting at $69/mo.

I’d love to keep delivering RFPs to you so that when it’s the right time, you can be ready to find your next client. Our free account ensures you get the daily digest of RFPs posted just for you.

Just create your account and fill out the areas of expertise in your profile. Then we’ll match RFPs to your profile and give you a heads up when something that is aligned is posted.

Let us know if you have any questions about Prosal or the RFP you find. Happy to answer or help out in any way!