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What are the different stages of Prosal?

Active, Inactive, Accepted / Collaborating, Declined, Completed

There are four different stages that a Prosal can be in.

1) Active: When a Prosal is live and open for questions, saving, sharing, and responses.

2) In Review/Inactive: When a Prosal has been closed and is not open for questions, saving, or submissions. An inactive or in review Prosal can be moved back to Active.

3a) Accepted / Collaborating: This means that the Issuer has accepted a Respondent for the project. We recommend respondents reach out to issuers for off-platform project management during this stage and return to the platform for the completed stage.

3b) Declined: This means the Issuer has not accepted that respondent for the project.

4) Completed: A project has been completed. An Issuer can provide feedback to the Respondent during this time. Any feedback shared will appear publically on the Respondent's profile and populate only after the Issuer has officially marked the project as completed.